Vegetarian and Vegan Foods

for People Who Think Healthy,
Animal-Loving Thoughts.

Cuisine to Combat Climate Change™

Thanks for stopping by the farm! We're Patch and Pattie, two Really Mad Cows.

What makes us cows really mad is that it's too hard for you humans to get hold of tasty, healthy, veggie foods.

We'd like to help you learn great ways to be a vegetarian, or even a vegan - with books, kitchen appliances, and even a few tasty food suggestions. Soon, we'll have some great recipes and info about dining out, too.

Heck, if you're interested in spreading the good taste around, we'd love to help.

Forage around the site, and feel free to help yourself! Remember, the grass is always greener on the veggie side!

For some interesting food podcasts, including our favorite, "Vegan Freak," check out our friends at the Emergency Podcast System. To go right to their Vegan Freak podcast links click here:

And while you're at it, check out Veggie Connection - it's where Patch and Pattie met! has great party snacks for all occasions, including
Vegetable Appetizers Check 'em out!

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