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for People Who Think Healthy,
Animal-Loving Thoughts.

We're Patch and Pattie, and we have a lot to moo about. Issues like mad cow disease are in the news every week. Whoa - that's scary stuff for us cows! Keep up with the herd on international health reports and food news. Graze through the articles, and see what's going on!

- Patch and Pattie

PODCASTS that Patch and Pattie Wholeheartedly Recommend:

Vegan Freak and Vegan Freak Radio (their book is available here.)

Beyond Organic - Show and Beyond Organic - Insights

Vegetarian/Vegan/Food podcast list provided by: The Emergency Podcast System - "Civil Defense Against The Mundane"

Looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes - visit Yahoo FOOD and type "vegetarian" or "vegan" in the search field right at the top, and hit SEARCH.


It's not always easy to find fellow vegetarians or vegans for socializing and dating. There's no reason you have to go it alone, or tolerate another awkward meal with an insensitive meater (hey, we know they're not all insensitive, but we've heard stories). If you're interested in dating the veggie way, check out Veggie Connection!

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